About MAM & Associates

MovieLux Artist Management & Associates (MAM & Associates) is now and independent casting agency based in London, which works across all areas of the film and television industry. As we managed a small number of actors and actresses, MAM & Associates was set up to represent the best interests of acting cast working in the film and television industry.

We will be adding other creatives to our management services, which include screenwriters, directors and DoP’s and other creatives within the film and television industry. Our team have decades of experience working within film and television and understand all aspects of how the industry works. As a result, we are well placed in helping to support acting talent and other media creatives in managing their careers within what can be considered one of the toughest industries to work in today.

Executive Team

Owen A Smith

Founding Partner & Casting Agent,

Cinematographer, Producer, Writer & Director.

Owen A Smith founder is an experienced Producer with fifteen years in the Film & Television industry. Owen is an experienced Director of Photography / Cinematographer who has also become a Writer & Director and has over 150 professional credits from Feature films, Short films, Television Action Drama, Television Documentary series, TV-Chat Shows series, TV-Sitcom series, Music Promos, Sports Television series and Television commercials. As a graduate of The Royal Air Force College, Cranwell, he gained a Queens Commission and served as a full-time reservist for 6 years. He commanded 70 personnel in an RAF Training Branch and was a Flight Lieutenant. Owen originally studied Graphic Design at the Epsom School of Art & Design – University for the Creative Arts” (UCA). He developed his “creative eye” and unique insight, imaginative flair and perspective. He worked in advertising in London’s West End at the prestigious advertising photographic studio Adam B Colour Services. Owen honed his skills in studio lighting and subject framing in major advertising campaigns for magazine and billboard adverts. Company clients such as Ogilvy & Mather UK, Global Advertising & Marketing Agency, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising and McCann’s Ericson Advertising Agency

As a Producer, Owen is highly motivated, energetic and passionate. He’s a listener. He effectively defines the project specifications, finances and roles and responsibilities and gets the job done with little or no fuss.

Velma Wilkinson

Senior Assistant Casting Agent

Velma Wilkinson is a committed and conciencious professional Casting Assistant and a strong member of the MAM team. She is not only part of the casting and artist management team but is also an experienced actress who studied three years at drama school and trained in acting, dance, singing and speach. Velma has performed for many years working in Television, Film and Theartre and brings a keen eye and attention to detail  to her role as senior assistant casting agent.

Jane Jackson

Partner & Assistant Casting Agent

Jane Jackson is not only a partner of MovieLux Artist Management & Associates, she is also a professionally trained actress and Producer and has been working within the Film Industry for the last seven years  Jane has also experience working within a casting agency for six years before joining MovieLux Artist Management & Associates.  Jane has had a passion for the performing arts excelling in drama, stage and theatre, which lead her to pursue a career in becoming a professional actress. Jane went on to study at Brian Timoney Method acting studio in London completing a one-year spotlight accredited course.