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Abigail was born on the 6th of October 1989 in Cheshire. she is a confident, friendly soul, with a strong work ethic and a desire to learn. She works well with everyone and is very passionate about her craft.
Abigail trained in performance arts form the age of 7, attending a local stage school. She spent many years training in Tap, Ballet and Modern dance until she realised acting was her forte.
Abigail was on the stage by the age of 9 and then never stopped pushing for her dream. She studied acting in High school and then at sixth form college, only to then take a BA Hons Acting degree at the University of Central Lancashire.
After University Abigail went on to be cast in several low budget short films and also a feature film (however this film never came into fruition, unfortunately).
A year after finishing her studies she moved over to Ireland where she opened her own underground cafe and vintage cloth shop which also had a stage for performance based work. Abigail ran events and performed in poetry evenings, open mic nights and storytelling sessions alongside running an award-winning cafe.
Abigail had her first Irish stage debut Playing ‘Sharla’ in the play ‘Killer Joe’ and what a fantastic role that was. Abigail also starred as the lead in a short horror film ‘The Devil on my back’ and she had some smaller roles in the sequels to that film. Also starring in another two short films as the lead role.
After two years of business and creativity adventures, she decided to close the cafe and travel the world. She visited India, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, America and finally settled in New Zealand for a year. Abigail found herself with an agent in New Zealand which brought her a background role in a credit card commercial and a background role in a movie with Tom Cruise. Travelling enabled me to try skydiving, cliff jumping, canyoning, scuba diving, reiki, yoga and skiing.
Once back home in England, it was time for her to push her acting career once again. Abigail was accepted into an agency in London which aims to get her Theatre and stage work and very recently Abigail has joined the fabulous Movielux Artist management agency which will work on getting me castings in Film, Television and Commercial.
Abigail has recently got married and has adopted two puppies from Bosnia.