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Angelina is a positive, friendly, witty and professional entertainment host and actress. A passion to entertain, perform and bring a positive and enthusiastic energy to all she does, is what drives Angelina in the world of performing arts. Angelina has a BA Hons Degree in Theatre Arts, worked as a Butlins redcoat and an entertainment host on Cruise Ships. From childhood and every day since, Angelina strives to deliver the best in all areas of entertainment from acting, to presenting, to dancing. Inspired by her professional and award-winning theatrical and dancing mother, Angelina has always had a strong passion for the performing arts; beginning ballet lessons at the age of 3.

While Angelina thoroughly enjoys dancing, singing and continues to peruse her acting career, she realised that there was also a strong pull and desire to be an entertainment host. Throughout her childhood, she would always visit holiday resorts with her family such as Pontins, Haven and the highly famous Butlins, where her dream began to become a Butlins Redcoat. She hosted her school Christmas talent show in front of a 300 seated audience at the age of 16 and proceeded in becoming a successful Butlins Redcoat in the summer of 2014 at the age of 18. Continuing with her love and passion for hosting, Angelina set sail on the seven seas as an entertainment host for Princess Cruises. She can host a variety of fun events such as, gameshows, line dance classes, arts and crafts, she is an onboard choir director, singing competitions, karaoke and many many more. After 2 successful contracts, Angelina then moved to Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line, in which she has developed her hosting skills even further, hosting a mass of activities to thousands of guests all over the world.

Angelina has always loved performing and entertaining family, friends and big audiences throughout her life, getting many opportunities and experiences and executing them to an exceptionally high standard. Her immense passion for acting grew during her time at secondary school, leading her to pursue this career further and doing the Theatre Arts Bachelor Degree, graduating with a high 2:1 grade at the University of Derby. She performed on the main stage of Derby Theatre in the play Girls Like That as many different roles, while playing roles throughout her time in plays such as The Vagina Monologues as many different roles and Robin Hood the Pantomime as the villain The Sherrif of Nottingham.

Angelina also continued in the field of dance for many years, strengthening in the styles of contemporary, character, tap, disco, hip hop and street dance while advancing to Grade 5 in R.A.D ballet at the age of 14. This training came to Angelina’s aid as, during her final years of secondary school, she was able to execute lead acting roles as well as being the lead choreographer for the entire school musicals of, Oklahoma performing as lead dancer, Grease as Jan and Guys and Dolls, playing both the lead character Adelaide and the male character Benny. She thoroughly looks forward to all opportunities coming her way.