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Anna is a professional young actress who is about to enter life as a young adult and who has been acting since she was a young child and already has years of industry experience under her belt. She is passionate and thorough in her approach to her work and new castings, and her attitude is one of a ‘hard-working professional, who gets results’. She is 5 feet 8 inches in height and has blonde hair and blue eyes. Other than her first language English, she is able to speak Russian fluently, Spanish comfortably and is also currently learning
to speak Japanese.

Anna has recently been featured in a Pfizer vaccine commercial, providing her with experience and exposure to the film industry. She has also been cast in a short film playing the role of a mentally challenged teen mother, mourning the loss of her child; the film premiered in an open-air showing of it on a big screen. This valuable experience means that Anna understands and has first-hand experienced the filming process already at her young age, and is confident in the environment of a film set.

Anna is also a current member of the National Youth Film Academy, where she undertakes regular workshops, interview sessions, and online showcases to further her training specifically for film. She has also volunteered to help with children’s plays backstage, where she has learnt valuable technical skills and now better understands how the crew and cast function together to create an engaging show. Anna is excited to continue working in film, TV and commercials to further her on-set experience and professional credits.

Likewise, Anna has been acting onstage in theatres from the age of five, participating in children’s acting companies, and constant shows in and out of school. Most recently, she starred in the play ‘A Series of Public Apologies’ with the Young Actor’s Company in the New Wimbledon Theatre, playing the vocal role of the public voice itself.

Additionally, Anna is well equipped for roles in musical theatre: from ‘Twist’ to ‘Shrek the musical’, Anna particularly enjoys combining singing, dancing and acting to generate a fantastic performance. Anna has been vocally trained by attending private singing lessons, as well as being a member of the
Tiffin Choir for over five years. Anna has also had classes in dance, specifically for musical theatre, and has recently executed a tap performance, leading the group around the stage.

Anna enjoys writing poetry in her free time, which not long ago has transformed into the creation of original songs as well. She is greatly inspired by the music industry and hopes to produce her songs soon. Besides acting and songwriting, Anna cherishes spending time with friends and family when she is not on set or onstage. She believes that life is driven by human connection; in acting, too, an actor’s priority is reacting to other actors in the scene. As an ex-actor and her acting mentor once told her, Anna believes that ‘acting is living truthfully in imaginary circumstances’ and is grateful for opportunities that come her way to do so.