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Billy Di Lieto AKA Suave Flava is a professional Actor, Singer, Musician and Script Writer from Leicester. Who has performed as a music artist under the name of Suave Flava. Billy first started acting in theatre at the tender age of just ten years of age, where he gained over a decade of acting and stage training and experience working as an actor in theatre until his early twenties. Where he mainly performing in musical theatre and Shakespeare plays.

Billy however took a break from performing as an actor working in theatre to study music full time in Liverpool, where he went on to gain a music diploma after which Billy started writing and performing in various bands and also performing as a solo artist as well as writing radio jingles for local radio stations. Billy was in a band called “The Mixtones” and was approached by former West Ham football hooligan from The ICF, Cass Pennant now turned book author and script writer Billy and his band were asked if they would like to write a song with his band for a film he was producing called Beverly written by Alexander Thomas about a mixed race girl growing up in the 1980s in Britain.

After Billy was given a small part in the film Beverly playing a band member and performing an original song he wrote for the The Mixtones. Billy was approached by other film makers and directors and the roles started to come in for Billy’s acting talent. These opportunities allowing Billy to regain his love of acting and he slowly got the bug for film acting and has pursued a Career in acting ever since. Billy has the ability to slip into various characters quite naturally and has great screen presence. He has also been credited as a writer, musical and director for various films and screen plays including plays for theatre.

Billy continue’s to progress as a multi-talented actor and entertainer in the film industry.