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Brook is a professionally trained actress and comedian based in West Yorkshire. She graduated with a First-Class degree from the University of Central Lancashire where she studied BA (Hons) in Acting for screen, stage, and radio. Throughout the course of her training, Brook gained invaluable skills and techniques such as Meyerhold’s Biomechanics, Alexander technique, Stanislavski, Improvisation, and Clowning. She utilised these skills in a number of stage performances all varying in style and genre.  Including the works of William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ where she delved into the comedic role of ‘Trinculo’, Maxim Gorky’s ‘Summerfolk’, exploring the wit and sarcasm of playing ‘Olga Dudakova’, and Bertolt Brecht’s ‘Saint Joan of The Stockyards’ where she multi-rolled between contrasting characters such as ‘Cridle’ and ‘The Meat Packers’.

In addition to performing for stage, she has also applied her training to acting for camera, where she took personal direction and critique from renowned actor Graeme Hawley when filming an excerpt from Simon Stephens ‘A Canopy of Stars’ playing the role ‘Cheryl’. Following graduation, Brook decided to study the field of screen acting at a more in-depth level. Therefore, taking additional acting classes at ‘Act Up North’ which has a particular focus on acting for camera. These classes equipped Brook with many skills applied to this field, namely how to approach a television script, comfortably perform in front of a camera, and how to confidently create self-tapes for auditions.

Aside from acting, Brook also writes her own comedic material and performs stand-up comedy to live audiences in Manchester. Recently she took some of this work further by entering the 2023 ‘So You Think You’re Funny’ Gilded Balloon comedy competition, where she was fortunate enough to perform her material in a virtual heat. Brook continues to write her own material and gain further experience within the comedy sector as she is always open to discover exciting new ways to hone her craft.