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Daniel is a highly driven and dynamic actor with a passion for acting across all genres in film and television. He enjoys inhabiting and bringing life to as wide a range of characters as possible

He honed these skills while earning a BA (HONS) in Acting and Performance from the University For The Creative Arts. While studying Daniel also developed his skills as a writher and director, directing a short film called “One Last Time” and writing several scripts. He was also able to develop his passion for stand up comedy.

Alongside acting, Daniel, also enjoys singing, and is able to play guitar. He has training in martial arts, such as boxing and karate, and is also trained in stage combat. Daniel enjoys utilising accents to add a new dynamic to his characters, and can speak in the following; Cockney, RP, General American, Southern States American, Irish (Republic and Northern), Scottish , and is constantly working to add more to his repertoire.

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