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Debby is a professionally trained actress based in London, she is a very passionate and hardworking actress. she has studied at the middleweek newton academy for acting and at the New York Conservatory for dramatic arts  Debby has starred in various on-screen projects such as short films, music videos, and commercials.  She is very interested in the Stanislavsky method of acting as she feels as though she is able to find out who a character is through her own experiences. Growing up in different parts of the world such as Ireland, England, Nigeria, and some parts of America she acquired skills that allow her to be open, vulnerable, and accepting towards different groups of people as well as being able to absorb the different characteristics of people she encountered.

Debby is extremely passionate about the arts and the acting profession and also has aspirations not only to act. But also to develop and expand her creativity and her career, working within the film and television industry in drama as well as commercials making valuable industry connections as well as learning and taking notes from other industry professionals in order to eventually write and direct her own feature films and Television Dramas in the very distant future.