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Emma started out her initial career in theatre at 39, where she played mainly comedic roles. She
then went on to attend ‘Actor Tribe’ TV training where she honed her skills and was mentored by
Professional Actors, Lee Boardman, Sally Carman, Jennifer Boardman and Sue Vincent for six
years. Emma has also studied the Meisner Technique with a Meisner group for two years where
she learnt to focus her attention on her fellow performers and spontaneously live in the moment,
a method she calls upon today.

Her most recent role was in a comedy drama called ‘You Mean to Me’ which circled the Indie
Film Festival circuit. Before this, she played her regular role in the web series ‘In the Trade’ as a
trade’s person in a building firm, Emma particularly enjoyed this mockumentary style of natural
performance. Emma also played a small speaking role in the TV programme ‘Emmerdale’. Where
she got to work alongside the regular soap actor, Danny Millar.

Emma has a deep understanding of the industry and has adopted this understanding through
other roles such as, writing, casting, short film/theatre co-creating and producing. Emma is
currently producing a feature film on the Isle of Wight as well as preparing a Fringe theatre
production which she will be performing in 2023.

These experiences have enabled her to appreciate first-hand the importance of being a grounded,
reliable, and professional actor. Emma shows compassion in life through coaching adults to read,
she is a maternal mother alongside twenty-five years of working with children which Is now her side job.
Emma can harness her emotions using methods she has learnt, to provide a real performance, accurately
portraying a diverse range of characters, backgrounds and accents.