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Hadjira Bekhedda was born in Paris, France on 12th September 1986. She attended University in Paris where she majored in English studied. This triggered a strong interest in foreign languages, which lead Hadjira to become fluent in English and Spanish. She subsequently started taking interest in Italian and Arabic. Hadjira is passionate about travelling and has developed a keen thirst for other cultures and people. During childhood, Hadjira developed a strong passion for cinema and would spend hours watching films and studying characters and their relationships. Her quest to learning about people led her to enroll at the Brian Timoney Actors’ Studio to study in-depth acting. Hadjira also spent time in Los Angeles studying acting and meeting Industry people in order to get an insight of the business of acting across the pond.

Hadjira has a keen interest in Japanese culture, art, international cuisine, adventure and sports. She regularly does weight lifting, hiking, cycling and occasionally rock climbing.

Height-  162 cm
Weight – 55 kg – BMI: 21
Playing Age- 25-35
Appearance- Mediterranean
Eye Colour- Very dark brown
Hair Colour- black
Hair Length- Long
Voice Character- Various
Voice Quality- Soft



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