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Helen Stenbekk is a 25 year old Norwegian actor based in England. Helen has studied drama and acting for five years and graduated with a BA(Hons) in acting and performance at the University for the creative arts. She has training in both film and theatre and a repertoire consisting of classical stage and screen work, like David Mamet, Arthur Miller and Anton Chekhov. Helen has a passion for storytelling and characters, and through her training have found her own approach to acting, a combination of Stanislavsky and Mamet, as the best way for her to portray different characters.

On the side Helen has several years of experience in horse back riding, and is also a writer, and written plays and several short stories. She has also created several devised performances as part of her studies at University. Even so, her passion lies in film and television.

Height: 5”1”- 154.94 cm
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark blond
Playing age: 18-

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