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Jack is a professional Actor from the UK, he trained at the University of Northampton

Before his training Jack has been in theatre since the age of 9 years old having experience in all types of theatre shows which includes Pantomime, Comedy, True story and musicals, it was until his professional training that he developed a much larger scale of skills, while training he was working professionally with local filmmakers and can be seen on Amazon prime in 13TH  DAY OF CHRISTMAS playing the supporting role of JACOB

Jack is also trained in the theatre practitioners’ techniques such as Stanislavski’s Method, Antonin Artaud, Bertolt Brecht and DV8, during his training he was taught different forms of stage combat and is skilled in fighting with single handed sword, double handed sword, unarmed, knife, knife and rope and group fights

Jack is a very diverse actor and skilled in many areas, he has made his own films alongside being primarily an actor, he aims to strive for personal growth in his professional career every day and is always looking for opportunities