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John is a young, aspiring professional actor based in Glasgow. As a young adult, John contemplated what he wanted his future to look like, and contemplated what career he wanted to pursue for the rest of his life. At the age of 17, John had the opportunity to study acting whilst he was still in high school. This was a stage in John’s developing journey where he felt secure in a safe environment where he could embrace his own innate skills and knowledge. This gave John the opportunity to apply and develop his skills where he could express his individuality and creativity to bring characters from a black and white script to a colourful real life production.

As John progressed through his course, it became concrete to John that acting was a passion that he wanted to pursue into a life long career. Following his high school studies, John was accepted into Glasgow Kelvin College to study Acting and Performance. This course had a significant focus on stage and voice performance, which allowed John to develop his stage operations and focus on enhancing his character driven performances. This allowed John to differentiate between characters and develop a wider range of character voices, techniques and body language. As part of his acting and performance training, John starred in contemporary college productions such as After Juliet and L for Lily, as well as having the chance to broaden his skills to Shakespearian pieces such as Othello and Merchants Venice being edited together to become one show called Shakespeare Venice. The ability to act in a variety of genres gave John the confidence to become flexible with his innate and developed acting skills to successfully mould into the desired character that was required of him.

Following his graduation from further education, John has broadened his acting experience from stage performances to onscreen production, starring in a multitude of student short pieces. John has been able to use his professional relationship skills to make connections with various aspiring student directors and producers to collaborate on short cinematic pieces and help to portray characters and storylines the way that they were envisioned during the writing process. As of recent, John has starred in a pitch project titled ‘The Burger Club’ – a trailer production about a group of friends who embark on a vendetta with a notorious Glasgow gangster. This project trailer has received nominations and awards nationwide and internationally for awards such as ‘best editing’ and ‘best foreign film’. This trailer project is still in the process of being accepted and screened to film festivals globally. As John progresses in his acting career, he is looking to continue to make connections with other professionals in the creative industry and to find more opportunities to progress in his acting whilst gaining the experience of writing, directing and producing cinematic pieces.