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John is a multifaceted performer and creative with a wealth of experience both in front and behind the scenes, collaborating with practitioners from a very wide range of backgrounds.

John has trained extensively for his professional career, graduating from Rose Bruford College with a BA (hons) in American Theatre Arts, studying Musical Theatre at the prestigious University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and additionally studying a Foundation Degree in Acting from Doreen Bird College.

A staunch self-starter, John has constantly strived to upskill his abilities both on and off the stage: by continuing to develop his acting skills to bring life and nuance to his performances, but also by going beyond the stage and screen to gain experience as a presenter, narrator, voice actor, performance artist, brand ambassador and promoter for some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

Additionally, John’s career has seen him work in many areas of production offering a diversity of skills beyond his performance portfolio across areas including sound engineering and recording, theatre lighting engineering, camera operation, editing, producing and researching amongst others.

Whether you require a performer with the ability to deliver the right result first, or a practitioner to step beyond the page, collaborate and discover alongside you, John will be delighted to work with you to bring your project to reality.

Location:              Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Gender:                 Male
Actual age:            29 years
Playing age:          25-32 years
Height:                  6’3″ (190cm)
Nationalities:       British
Memberships:     Equity
Appearance:        Scandinavian, White
Eye colour:           Blue-Green

Hair colour:          Blond(e)