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Leah is a Professional Actress, originally from North Yorkshire, Leah graduated from UCLan in 2020, being awarded a first-class degree in Acting BA (Hons)  In her training she explored Meyerhold’s Biomechanics, Stanislavsk, and Alexander technique, as well as working on performances for theatre, camera, and radio.

At University Leah performed in a range of roles, including Angelo in an excerpt of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, Mac in Richard Bean’s satirical comedy Great Britain, and Norma in Amanda Whittington’s drama Be My Baby.

During her training, Leah was given the opportunity to spend some time in France at the Roy Heart Centre studying choreographic theatre and extended voice with Pantheatre, where she explored new physical and vocal skills.

Since graduating, Leah has performed with Time and Again Theatre Company as Lysander and Borachio in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Much Ado About Nothing, respectively. These productions started as a few Shakespeare in the park performances in 2021, and grew into a short Northern tour with 5 star reviews in 2022. Both productions had a vintage setting, incorporating. Additionally, in playing characters that were originally written as male, Leah found this a great opportunity to explore gender and sexuality within a Shakespearian context.  Leah also has experience in archery, and spent some time in America teaching the skill to girls at a Massachusetts summer camp.

In her spare time, she works on an online audio drama, inspired by the sci-fi media that she loved growing up, which she co-writes and performs in with her partner. She also likes to stay creative by sewing, and is developing her digital art skills.