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Lukas Vitkauskas is a 24 year old Actor, originally from Lithuanian where he was born. Now based in The United Kingdom. Lukas is a truly passionate and curious actor. With strong connections to K. Stanislavski’s , S. Adler’s and K. Johnston’s methods of work. Lukas has gained a B.A.(Hons) degree from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Acting and Performance which has now reinforced his already wide toolkit and skill set, making him a very versatile performer with strong presence in every production he works in. Lukas has trained with highly skilled industry professionals like Gary Pillai, Alan Pierce, Simon Money and Deborah Page.

Lukas is extremely passionate about the industry and in his spare time, Lukas is writing poetry, plays and music. He has a strong singing voice as well as speaking vocal ability. In addition to his acting and creative writing skills Lukas is also a musician and as well as playing the guitar, Lukas is also into  beatboxing.

Hight – 6’2
Eyes – Blue/gray
Hair – Brown
Playing age – 18-30

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