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Mark started his career as a professional actor at the age of thirteen when he began performing in various theatre productions, such as Oliver Twist. Born in East London during the 1980s he grew up in rough times in a rough area, which gives him great insight into playing the grittier roles. Mark is a versatile actor and enjoys playing a range of characters.  Mark went to the Academy Drama School where he was classically trained in Drama, during his time at the Academy Drama School he participated in smaller courses that were available such as Screen Acting, with Director Mark Normandy.   

Mark completed a Technical Theatre course at Hoxton Hall theatre where he learned sound, lighting and stage management.  Mark then moved from acting to filmmaking and writing. He completed various courses with Raindance, such as directing, directing actors and producing for film and TV.  Mark has written and directed a number of feature and short films, which helped him win several awards, such as best director, best feature film, and best script and he even gained an honourable mention for his acting. 

Mark has acted in various independent films, such as El Cucuy, Pixi Dust, Voyeur, and Escape and currently starring in the lead role in Caught in-between.  Mark has also played a speaking role for a pilot for a show that is now on Sky Max, called Football fantasy, where he played Reza, the American Liverpool super-fan.