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Nicole knew from a very early age that acting was what she wanted to do as her profession and sees it as her vocation. From an early age she loved watching Disney movies and would mimic the characters, growing up she admired the likes of Angela Basset, Nia long and Sandra Bullock, who have all inspired her to progress in her chosen career as a professional actress. At an early age she would love to be involved in Talent shows, Showcasing her Dance moves or Acting skills. She attended D&B Theatre School in South East London and was accepted onto their books at an early age from aged eight to thirteen years old and was also represented by them throughout that period of her life. This gave her the opportunity to play a child role for the Lewisham College Students final Production, shown in their college over a five-night period.

She later went on to study Performing Arts at Lewisham College leaving with a Triple Distinction. Before gaining a Silver Arts Award as a young Apprentice at The Oval House Theatre for one year, as the understudy of the Director who taught her a lot within that year. Nicole was able to engage with the performers and which later enabled her to play the role of a pregnant teenager in a short film. Nicole always found practical work much easier than academic, however after attending Kingston University where she gained her BA (Hons) degree in Drama. Nicole’s mind was opened to so many possibilities, Ideas and new ways to convey her art she began writing. Nicole has an array of Spoken word poems, a Theatre play, Radio play, and short series, University expanded her mind and encouraged her to create her own work with characters that she could also play roles in.

Nicole is a motivated and driven individual who’s career has been based around Acting and the performing arts, she is now working towards building a career in Film and Television but loves where she started on stage and enjoys that sector. Nicole has performed in venues such as The Oval House Theatre, Rich Mix Theatre, the Young Vic Theatre, and Pleasance Theatre to name a few. Nicole is also interested in the spoken word and is keen to do voice-over work and to this day has always imagined working on an animation movie as one of the voice artists and is now keen to get in front of a camera and start working within Film and TV. After gaining quite a bit of experience in Theatre. Nicole is open to many areas in the arts and is keen to put her training knowledge and experience to work.

Height: 5’1″
Weight: 8.5 Stone
Playing age: 14 – 30
Actual age: 28
Appearance: Brown-skinned/ Black
Nationality: British
Eye colour: Dark brown
Hair colour: Dark brown
Hair length: Short

Accents: London Cockney, L.M.E, RP, Jamaican Patois, General American
Other Skills: Full Driving Licence (Car) Swimming, Cycling, skilled Pool player, Abseiling, Rock Climbing.