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Oliver is a determined actor with a strong passion for Film and Theatre performance. Having come from a very theatrical household, Oliver discovered a love for theatre acting at a young age, being encapsulated by the joy it brought others, and the unique complexity different characters can bring to a story. He pursued it at college, allowing him to explore an array of characters in both classical and contemporary settings, and he continues to have a love of theatre to this day. Oliver went on to study at the University of Chichester in Screen Acting and Creative Digital Technologies. He developed a fascination with the whole filmmaking process. And was able to work in front of and behind the camera, being mentored by a number of seasoned professionals, and spending many hours working and acting on industry-standard film sets. Since finishing university he has committed himself to working professionally in front of the camera, and continuity strives to better his professional development. Oliver also has a fascination with expression through movement, which has led him to a love of motion capture. He has been lucky enough to spend about 20 hours in a motion capture suit on a capture stage. And is actively pursuing a professional Qualification. Oliver has a strong belief in efficiency and in carrying out his job in a friendly and confident manner. He’s a team player who takes direction well.”