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Robert is a British-born comedy scriptwriter, stand-up comedian, comic actor, and director, based in Greater London in The United Kingdom. Robert grew up in South East London and was always known by his friends as being “the funny guy”, who was always playing, the fool, or the jester and generally clowning around. Which he is extremely proud of today and looking back, feels has been inspirational and the basis for some of his comedy script writing and programme ideas to date.

In 2012, Robert was given a Birthday Present, which was to attend a one-hour acting class, at City Academy in London. This simple one-hour class, opened up a whole new creative world to him, which started Robert on a journey of discovery and learning to achieve, his new ambition of becoming a comedy scriptwriter.

Robert had finally found what he believes to be his calling in life, giving him a way in which to express, channel and hone his comedic creativity and comedy chops. Now knowing what he wanted to do in life. Robert enrolled at The Comedy School in London, to learn to become a scriptwriter. By embarking on a script writing course, comedy writing for beginners with Rob Grant one of the two original scriptwriters on the Red Dwarf television series. Robert also trained as a stand-up comedian with Mr Cee also at The Comedy School and took part in stand-up comedy for a couple of years.

Since 2012, Robert has snapped up every opportunity to be on or around a production TV or film set, from working as a cable basher at the Grime Awards to a Camera Assistant at Candy Crush, where he asked many questions and learnt much, simply by being a part of the production crew and observing. Wanting to learn more in his quest to achieve his ambitions of becoming a professional scriptwriter and director. Robert also took acting classes at The Reelscene to help him gain a greater understanding of the delivery and timing of scripts, from both an actor’s and a scriptwriter’s perspective, enabling Robert to become a better scriptwriter.

After learning the basics of scriptwriting Robert went on to study performing arts by taking Acting Classes with “David Shaal” at The Reelscene, in Camberwell Studios which has now moved to Pimlico, London. Robert was able to secure representation as an actor by getting an acting agent to represent him as a professional actor. Where he had some commercial success by acting in the Visa, Virgin Media and Kozel Lager commercials. With some new contacts made Robert was approached to write a commercial for Lancashire Yogurts, off the back of that he wrote the script for the Valentine’s commercial for, which was successfully released on their online advertising campaign.

That was enough for Robert, as he had been bitten by the Scriptwriting bug, in 2019 The “Dump” Sitcom 10 Minute Pilot was released which had the BBC calling. Robert went away to Write, produce and perform in “Dusty”, a fantastic unique comedy pilot.

Robert is a unique individual and writer who brings a unique perspective and voice to his screenwriting craft. Speaking to Robert for a minute you can hear his passion for achieving his dream of writing sitcom television series’.