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Samantha is a professional actress who trained at the Identity School of Acting in 2020. The alumni include John Boyega, and Laetitia Wright. This followed with an audiobook for BBC Sounds called ‘Of Wessex’. She then gained all her working credits to get onto Spotlight within 6 months. Here she gained credits working on ‘Rewilding’ directed by Ric Rawlins which will premiere on Amazon Prime this January. The film has won at the Chicago Film Awards this year and was part of the official selection for the BIFF Sweden Awards 2022. Her most recent film ‘Nic: Unextinct’ directed by Vera Graziadei (The Peep Show) has garnered attention at The British Film Awards this year.  Samantha will be soon seen in Darrell Wynter Hoppsons’ ‘A Sparrows Tale’ in a supportive role. Samantha is also a mum who loves to sing and read mythology.