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Stephen or Ste as he likes to be known is an enthusiastic and versatile creative Actor whose specialties include Acting, Directing and Writing. He is constantly trying to improve and refine his repertoire of skills and has recently graduated from The University for the Creative Arts. Gaining a B.A.(Hons) degree in Acting & Performance.

Ste has an amazing ability to perform with different accents which currently include General American and Mancunian. He has performed in theatres all over the country such as the Farnham Maltings, Marylebone theatre and the Peter Barkworth theatre in Stockport.

Additional performing skills also include being a musician as Ste has played guitar for 10 years and has recently started to play Bass guitar and Ukulele. Which gives him a more dynamic range of skills he brings to his acting ability and performance.

  • Ste Bergin Showreel One
  • One Small Step Directed by Ste Bergin and featuring Ste Bergin