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Xianping Shi, known as “Susan Shi” is a Chinese multi Award-winning professionally trained Actress from China.  Her acting career started in China when she was originally selected from her High School to become an actress and was attached to the Ji Nan Drama Company in 1978. Susan’s talent and beauty won her the lead role in the play ‘Mountain Flower’ for which she won ‘Best Actress Award.

Susan went on to study Drama and Performing Arts as a young actress and graduated from The PLA Academy of Arts University in Beijing China from 1983 – 1986 where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree.

Susan then became the Qian Wei Army Drama company’s leading lady starring as Yu Xou in the stage play ‘Gao Shan Zia de Hua Huan and Ju Ju, in the stage play ‘The 19 Graves’. Also starred in a play ‘The Tornado Passed Through Here’.

As her Acting career developed further Susan starred in TV Play drama ‘Ren Chang Lun’ playing the wife of Ren Chang Lun’.

Susan also played the lead role of Cui Hua in the Chinese feature film movie ‘Protect Mark in 1987 also in 1987 Susan received an Award for her role in the award-winning TV Play ‘Back to Yi Meng Mountain’.

Whilst working with the Beijing Navy Drama Company, Susan was given the lead role as a fashion designer in a stage show about a Naval family.  Susan went on to marry an established TV Director living in Beijing and Susan The Actress became Susan the housewife whilst studying English in Foreign Language University in Beijing. Thereafter, Susan left her acting career behind for a number of years where she went on to work for British CBI as their Chinese representative in Beijing office.

In 1997 Susan established herself as a jewellery designer and has become a well-known International bespoke Pearl jewellery designer and in 2005 Susan came to the UK and became CEO of her own registered Culture Exchange Company. During the years between 2005-2020. Susan became a successful ‘events’ organiser whilst, at the same time, opening two chic Jewellery and fashion accessory boutiques in Beijing.

Currently, Susan is working in partnership relating to an East/West Culture Exchange educational Etiquette/Image consultancy for students and entrepreneurs with the CEO of a London based drama company.

Susan is not only back working as a professional Actress here in the UK now, but is also working as a TV presenter on a short documentary film about the culture and lifestyle on the Isle of Wight for viewers in both the U.K. and China.

Most recently Susan is currently involved with the Ridley Scott production company who are making a new TV Crime Drama series The Beast Must Die’ filmed on location on the Isle of Wight.  Where Susan is living and working from home on the Isle of Wight. During 2020 Coronavirus lockdown Though She also has a London residence as well.