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Tatia is a professional actress based in London who from a young age has always been interested in Performing Arts, Tatia was drawn to the Marvel universe as a child and loves fantasy and sci-fi novels, superhero movies and working with passionate people serving the community and living a life of creation.  Determined to become a young creative and actress. Her parents insisted on pushing her into the world of academia. Therefore Tatia originally studied for work in the world of education and science and she holds a PhD in applied linguistics and Tatia has also been a Lecturer in French and in Business Strategy at Imperial College London.

However, her love for the creative arts was too much to bare and she sought to build a career as an actress.  Tatia went on to train as a professional actress Studying in the Meisner technique and continuing to study acting skills and is currently working with Tom Newton from Middleweek Newton Academy on filming on camera.  Tatia also trained with Casting Directors Bruce H Newberg, Jane Jenkins, Marin Hope, Lucy Jenkins and Director Laura Cayouette, amongst others. Tatia is passionate about acting, theatre, storytelling, and writing, and is an experienced voice-over artist.

Her recent work includes four roles with Rebound Productions (The Priory- Rebecca, a(wake)- God, Three Goddesses and a Bloke -Therapist, Lead), Witch Way is Up (Patty). Tatia looks forward to working with creative professionals to build uplifting stories to help them communicate projects into inspiring words.