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Yasmin is a professionally trained Actress and Singer based in North West London in the United Kingdom. Although she has a background in various key production roles in the media industry; such as advertising, television film and music, Yasmin has always had a real passion for the performing arts, acting and singing in particular. After studying at Ray Shell’s Voice Production Drama school in the principles of Dance and later studying, Theatre studies at The College of North West London before studying for her Acting Degree. In 2003 she went on to study for her BA Hons degree in Drama and Education at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

Today Yasmin has worked in film and TV where she started as a film extra and background artist performing in many feature films and television dramas but was extremely keen to progress forward in her acting career she keen to take on new and challenging acting roles. So that she is best able to demonstrate her acting and performing skills by performing in a variety of roles within variously productions. Yasmin’s approach to all aspects of her work is with great enthusiasm, determination, confidence and most importantly professionalism. Yasmin is a very capable and dynamic actress and has a wide range of abilities.

Yasmin is a well-spoken and well-educated individual with a dynamic personality. Originally born in Guyana, South America, she moved to the United Kingdom at an early aged and is seen as a black Londoner, She is an actress and singer/songwriter as well as a mother and daughter. With a playing age range of between 49 and 69 years old.