Applying to MAM & Associates

Representation by MAM & Associates is normally by invitation only. However, we are not limiting our expansion of creatives to just those we have invited to receive our representation. So, if you would like to be represented by MAM & Associates, please make your initial contact to us via our contacts page, where we will happily consider your application and contact you and discuss exactly how we can assist you and your career further and the benefits of being represented by MAM & Associates.

However, whilst we are happy to consider new applications to join us, please note that our criteria and standards must remain to our high levels and professional industry standards. Therefore, we will only consider applications from professionally trained actors and actresses or creative talent who are professionally trained and have been and/or are working within the film and television industry.

If you meet the above criteria, we look forward to hearing from you. Please complete the online form below:

Please note if you’re looking for Representation as an Actor or Actress please include a link to your Spotlight profile and any showreels you might have. in order to move the process forwards quickly please also remember to add a valid contact telephone number we can reach you on. We look forward to your communication.