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Andy is a Professional actor who started his acting career later in life.  Before that, he had jobs working within the automotive industry, however wanting a change after 15 years Andy took a break from his normal line of work and started working in security, where he started working on club doors and venues. This eventually led him to him working security for bands such as “Take That” and “FooFighters” Before giving acting a try.

As you can probably see by his photos Andy is a bit of a lump and describes himself as a “keen Gym addict who is into bodybuilding”, and is also trained in Martial Arts Kickboxing and Boxing.

Andy started his acting career when he first started working as an extra for “On The Tools”, an online comedy sketch show. This is when Andy first realised that he wanted to become an actor. Two days after working as an extra the “On The Tools” contacted him asking Andy to return for another sketch, except this time they gave Andy a number of lines to learn.  This was an opportunity he couldn’t refuse and he said yes straight away.

Since then, Andy has appeared twice as an extra in Channel 4’s Hollyoaks TV Soap. And The BBC’s drama Sherwood, Shakespeare and Hathaway. He’s also been in numerous short films. As well as 3 music videos and 7 feature films including The Drugs Game and Bet Dead Casino. Being cast as the tough guy gangster, hitman, and veteran. Andy Loves the action types of roles.  This is ironic as off camera he’s quite the opposite.  Developing his acting skills, Andy is currently studying the performing arts at the Acting Academy to further his career and love for acting.