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Daphne Batson is a Professionally Trained Actress and undertook a three-year, full time, Drama and English degree course at an Education College in Birmingham from 1970 until 1973. Certification available on request. Daphne is also a qualified Drama and English teacher and has many years’ experiences teaching both English and Drama.  Daphne also studied Makeup for Stage, on a three-week course, organised by the college with Max Factor. In addition, Daphne has trained in classical ballet, modern tap dance and modern Jazz dance via ISTD and RAD. Gaining certification and medals and has an innate sense if rhythm.  Whilst she does not have any formal singing training Daphne has sung in choirs and given solo performances throughout her adult life which she still performs today.

Daphne chose to specialise in the teaching of English but would defend her right to claim significant experience at presenting, improvisation and in subject delivery skills. She would challenge anyone to stand in front of a class of young adults and or children and not be proficient with these skills.

Daphne has always had a love of theatre and film and since retiring from teaching English & Drama in 2010 Daphne, has undertaken innumerable professional roles in both feature and short films, some TV both (live TV and recorded TV), as well as theatre productions and street theatre.  Some of this work has been undertaken locally but much of it has been undertaken in London and in various other towns or cities around the UK.

Daphne has also done a small amount of modelling work, life and clothing, and whilst she has been quite comfortable with implied nudity she would not be comfortable with actual nudity under any circumstances.

Born 7th December 1950 Daphne has never felt disadvantaged by her age and whilst this maybe a disadvantage for some, she has absolutely never found it to be so.  In fact she finds her age most advantageous, as it releases her from constraints under which she perceives younger actresses may find themselves.  She loves the age she is and the skin in which she lives. She still dances, sings and mimes and she considers that she has good deportment, class, elegance and timing-a quintessential requirement for public work.

Height- 168 cm
Weight – 74 kg
Playing Age- 50-70
Appearance- Caucasian
Eye Colour- Hazel Green
Hair Colour- Natural Grey
Hair Length- Shoulder length
Dress size 14

Voice Character- Various  R.P, American, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, West Country,  Northern English and many more
Voice Quality- Clear, Concise, Soft