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Kim Gjersoe is a versatile performer with a wealth of varied experiences. Born in Denmark to an English teacher and an engineer, he has performed in theatre, immersive performances, and commercial work in Denmark before progressing to working in film, short films, classical theatre, commercial work, and voiceover in the UK.

Kim Gjersoe
first trained in acting in his teenage years as part of small youth theatre groups in Denmark, performing in musicals, and fringe theatre and later trained for 6 months at Rødkilde Højskole in traditional theatre and character work. He went on to take a break from acting in his twenties, serving in the Royal Lifeguard for 8 months as a conscript, before graduating from RUC (Roskilde University) with an MA in English and Philosophy. He taught English at Danish schools and as a private tutor during this period, but decided he needed to pursue an international acting career coming towards his 30s. He has since moved to London to do this, as well as focus on his writing and other artistic projects.

In his pursuit of in
spiration and uncommon knowledge, Kim has undertaken many irregular journeys, including living amongst Zen Buddhist monks in Hokyoji temple in Japan and collecting traditional oral narratives from Oglala Lakota Native American tribes in North Dakota and South Dakota, US, writing university research papers on these travels. Before moving to the UK, he
journeyed across Europe by train and made it with the Trans Siberian railway in 2019 through Russia, Mongolia, and China, continuing his journey through
Southern Asia.
This plethora of experiences informs his approach whenever diving into a character, writing fiction, or engaging in any other format of storytelling.
During COVID, he taught himself how to produce audio content and started producing audiobooks and audio dramas.

He comes from an academic background, having an MA in English and Philosophy from RUC and working as a teacher of English. Beyond acting, Kim is also a writer and producer of audio dramas through his branch company Voice Weavers.